Chess M

Het Sterrebornehof

Sinan Sterrebornehof juni 2020

Chess M is een Camaro zoon, Zwartbont homozygoot, °2004 *2011, ZfDP gekeurd

Hij werd geëxporteerd naar Australië waar hij enkele maanden na zijn aankomst overleed aan de gevolgen van een hersenbloeding.

enkele veulens in Australië, waar het dekgeld 2.200 $ bedroeg.

Kenlock High Chess (weerhouden als fokmerrie)

Kenlosck colored Medaillon, merrieveulen Chess x Morticia (verkoopprijs $11.000 als veulen in 2012)

merrieveulen Chess x SWS Divinity (verkoopprijs $11.000 als veulen in 2012)

In de UK was een Chess M dochter deel van het nationaal eventing team.

Tested Homozygous - one of only two approved, peformance tested and homozygous Pinto Warmblood stallions in the world!


Approved ZfDP, Premium awarded and Reserve Champion of the grading with DPZV, foals eligible for registration and branding with several Breed Associations


70 days stallion performance tested - 101.45 points


NO Tina D blood (Samber, Rinaldo, Rainbow etc)


few doses of FROZEN SEMEN available for USA, Australia and Europe!

VPrH Chess M


An outstanding licensed jet black tobiano stallion, DNA tested HOMOZYGOUS for the tobiano gene, which makes him one of actually only two German Warmblood papered and approved homozygous Pinto stallions in the world! The other one being his half brother Sempatico M in USA at Silverwood Farm.

Chess has already been the ZfDP National Champion colt foal in 2004 at the Bundeschampionat and was presented for approval this April 2007 and his overall score made him a Premium awarded stallion and also Reserve Champion of his grading.

His breeding is impeccable. He is by the Trakehner approved Pinto stallion Camaro who qualified for the German Bundeschampionate. Camaro is the most successful Trakehner Pinto stallion in the world, among several placings up to class M in eventing and jumping he has also participated and placed twice within the first ranks at the German Bundeschampionate. Chess shows already the same great scope and style for jumping.

His dam line is also most impressive. The VPrSt Indian Dream is a Verbands Premium mare who is by the Dutch stallion Ico who is by the KWPN Keur Preferent rated Trakehner Marco Polo. VPrSt Indian Dream is out of Sabrina a Westphalian mare by the well known stallion Seydlitz. The Hanoverian stallion Woehler stands for top movement and dressage qualities.

Chess is not only of interest due to his qualities, but also because he has NO relation to Samber, Rinaldo and all other stallions of these lines and with Tina D blood.

- E.H. Marduc

- E.H. Anduc

- E. St. Angelique (HStbk)

- Le Duc

- Pregel

- Liga (HStbk)

- Linde II (HStbk)


- Karabin

- Elvis

- Elbana (HStbk)

- Colored Beauty (HStbk)

- Italiener

- Cressia (HStbk)

- Cresta Star XX (HStbk)

- Poet XX

- Marco Polo trak.

- Mirakel trak.

- Ico KWPN

- Sinaeda KWPN

- Sonja KWPN

- Lucie KWPN

Indian Dream VPrSt

- Sinatra westf.

- Seydlitz westf.

- Doimana westf.

- Sabrina wetsf.

- Woehler hann.

- Wage hann.

- Asternstille hann.

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